Sometimes we just have to do what we can with what we got. Thoughtless acts describe the way people react to a world around them that is not perfectly tailored to their needs and wants. This idea of thoughtless acts displays the ingenuity of man, highlighting the way people solve problems in everyday life with the items they have in their immediate surroundings.

Not the builder’s preferred set of stairs, but a perfect solution.

To conduct this study, I decided to observe the way people interact with the objects at my gym. I looked to see how people used objects in ways that weren’t in their inherent design to solve their…

Dog parks are an intersection between man and dog; they are also an intersection between man and man. After observing, photographing, interviewing, and petting, I believe that you can learn a lot about how people interact with each other through the medium of dogs. When we look at the dog park's social dichotomy, we see it broken down into two groups: dog owners and non-dog owners. This binary can become infinitely more granular, but we will start there.

Zilker Metropolitan Park in Austin, TX

Dog Owners

In the average dog park, dog owners would make up approximately 90% of the people at the dog park, but…

Why is it that alleys always suck? The word alley has become globally synonymous with terms like “dingey”, “sketchy”, and “dull”, and deservingly so. Most alleys in the United States and around the world have been neglected and mistreated, left to be locations for discarding waste or for quick, undignified smoke breaks; the abused alley across the street from my house is no exception. With litter and graffiti being the primary form of décor, and asphalt rubble being the street’s defining feature, this alley is not the ideal place to be in any instance. Seeing this alley every day has…

Jack Scheerle

Business and Design student at The University of Texas at Austin

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